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All singles will be delivered as they are released and the full album will be available as MP3 or FLAC download on Oct 16th.

1. The World is Over (feat. Marty Friedman & Jeff Loomis)
2. Leave Well Enough Alone (feat. Jason Costa & Conrad Simon)
3. Negation Delirium (feat. Oli Herbert, Joey Concepcion & Jimi Bell)
4. No Exit (feat. David Ellefson, Jeff Loomis & Jimi Bell)
5. The Garden of Earthly Delights (feat. Oli Herbert, David Abbruzzese, Rusty Cooley, Jimi Bell, Joey Concepcion, Matt LaPierre & Conrad Simon)
6. Conflagration (feat. Oli Herbert, Matt LaPierre & Conrad Simon)
7. A Murder of Crows (feat. Jon Donias, Matt Bachand & Jimi Bell)
8. The Long Wait For the End (feat. Oli Herbert, Conrad Simon & Matt LaPierre)