Lost Symphony Top 5: Movies You Haven't Seen (Benny Goodman)

By AKANTRO Collaborator

As we're all dealing with more time indoors right now, we thought we'd put together some Top 5 lists to help get you through the down time.  First up, Benny shares his Top 5 Movies You Haven't Seen Yet!

Top 5 Movies You Haven't Seen (Benny Goodman Edition)

1. Donnie Darko - I used to feel like this was a movie where it was redundant to ask if anyone had seen it.   Donnie Darko changed my world for a multitude of reasons:  First and foremost, Jake Gyllenhaal has his breakout roll playing a creepy, mentally disturbed youth and he absolutely owns it.  For years after I still always thought of him as "Donnie Darko."  The film itself is a crazy, Ray Bradbury-esque story about love, time travel, fear, and how nothing really matters.  I love how deep and philosophical it is.  Some parts of it are downright terrifying and the use of Tears For Fears effectively throughout the film is an added bonus.  Head Over Heels never sounded better and you get to listen to Michael Andrew's even darker version of "Mad World."  With lyrics like "the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had," how would you not think it was Slayer and not an 80s pop band?  Did I mention Drew Barrymore and Noah Wylie are pretty awesome, to boot?
2. Amadeus - Tom Hulce (Animalhouse) as Mozart is literally perfection.  This movie is legit the definition of "tour de force" with outrageous costumes, sets and an over-the-top orchestral onslaught of notes from the Mozart catalog. Compound that with hilarity and a meaningful story to make telling the history of a savant musician over three hours not just bearable, but most excellent to the last scene.  Not only is this a crash course in why classical music is awesome, but F. Murray Abraham and Michael McKeen, better known for Spinal Tap and Better Call Saul, both absolutely make career defining performances.  To this day my brother still yells "Tempo, Salieri" every time I fuck up.
3. I Heart Huckabees - is a movie about existential detectives.  WTF does THAT mean?  Ask Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin who are absolutely hysterical together in this crazy, tripped out movie about serendipity and the interconectedness of everything.  Jason Schwartzman and Mark Wahlberg create a weird yet totally enjoyable synergy as they figure out what everything really means.  Smoke A LOT OF WEED before you watch this one.  You still won't get it.
4. The Darjeeling Limited - I guess I am a glutton for the type of weird Jason Schwartzman likes to be a part of.  This movie is a giant trip.  No, literally, its about a trip on a train and throughout the whole movie most of the cast is under the influence of something or another.  That cast being Schwartzman, Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and a majorly out-there Anjelica Houston.  The story is about three brothers who are brought together and forced to reconnect on a strange ride across India.  You won't be disappointed.  This might be my favorite Wes Anderson movie.  ...and if you don't know who that is, go watch ALL of his movie, especially if you like this one.
5. Payback - man, I am NOT a generic action hero movie type of guy, but if there WAS an action movie that just takes the cake for everything, it is HANDS DOWN "Payback" for me.  Its a simple premise: Mel Gibson gets stabbed in the back by a business partner and he's taken to the tune of $70k.  The rest of the movie is Mel Gibson being Mel FUCKING GIBSON at his VERY best doing everything necessary to get that 70k back.  If there is ANYTHING you should take away from this, don't fuck with Mel Gibson.